The InteliPulse allows the user to shape the waveform of the shot of light, with millisecond accuracy. Firstly this allows the shot to be set to its optimum form having it’s best possible effect on the target. Secondly the waveform is adjusted to cause minimum effect on the surrounding tissue, aiding safety and comfort.


The iCycle system offers continuous cooling of the capacitors, the bulb and handset as well as the client’s skin. The skin temperature is reduced using cooling of -40C to protect it from reaching critical threshold. This allows more light energy to be delivered for a better effect on target, while aiding safety and comfort.

Single Second

The Tri capacitors of InteliBrite systems provide stable power, unlike a single capacitor system. By using the capacitors in sequence a stable, peak power shot of light is delivered every single second until treatment is complete. This allows faster treatment, more reliable results and increases reliability and safety of the device.


The LiteFLO system evolved how InteliBrite treatment is delivered. It allows the handset to constantly glide across the skin without stopping, delivering treatment as it goes. Treatment takes 80% less time, is gentler on the skin, residual energy provides even better results and the treatment is completely painless.

New, revolutionary LiteFLO technology offers the fastest IPL treatment in the world.

The InteliBrite FLO+ is the only IPL hair removal laser machine to use the 'LiteFLO' engine to deliver treatment for Hair Removal, Blemish Correction, Vascular Correction, Anti-ageing and Acne Therapy.

The contact crystal produces a covering of ice within minutes thanks to the unique 'iCycle' cooling technology.  This allows the handset to glide, friction free, across the client's skin - delivering the treatment as it moves!

The 4 individual capacitors of LiteFLO provide stable light output for unrivalled safety, comfort and exceptional treatment results - hair removal can be achieved in as few as 4 sessions.
Treatment time is reduced by an amazing 80%, treatment comfort is unbeaten (it's totally painless and sensation free), unwanted skin heating is minimised and thanks to residual heating results are better than ever and achieved much faster.

If you're shopping for the very best IPL available look no further than the InteliBrite FLO+.




Thread Veins, Rosacea Sun spots and Pigmentation

Nose      £40
Cheeks   £60
Nose and Cheeks  £80
Full Face     £90



A minimum of 6 sessions are required and annual maintenance thereafter


Small Area
1 free Treatment when purchasing any 5 treatments above totaling £250

Upper lip or chin   £25
Lip and chin   £40
Sideburns £40
Cheek to temple  £40
Jawline  £40
Midface  £40
Nipples £40
Medium Area  
Full face   £60
Chest   £60
Arms upper £60
Arms Under £60
Arm pits  £60
Buttocks  £60
Bikini £60
Brazilian £60
Hollywood £60
All treatments are totally pain free  
Shoulders   £90
Back £90
Legs upper £90
Legs lower £90
Arms Full  £90
Adbomen £90
All treatments are totally pain free  
Full legs £150
Shoulders and Back   £150
Chest and Abdomen    £150



A consultation and patch test £20 if required 1 week prior to a full treatment
NO fake or natural tan present in the area for 4 weeks prior to consultation and also in between treatments


Before & After – Treatment Range with IPL LiteFlo

The advanced technology of the InteliBrite can be used to deliver a range of treatments. Treatment can be provided on the face or body, over a course of sessions. Improvement begins from the first session and increases until the programme is complete. Treatment is fast and results are long-term or permanent.


IPL Hair Removal

The most popular of all InteliBrite treatments. The hair follicle is targeted and destroyed by the light energy, regrowth is disabled. Skin is left smooth and free from hair.


IPL Melanin Pigmentation

Melanin stains causing unwanted discolouration on the skin are targeted. Typical examples are sun damage, age spots and freckles. The light energy destroys the pigmentation to leave clear, even skin tone.


IPL Vascular Pigmentation

Red blood cells causing blemishes in the skin tissue are targeted. Typical examples of conditions treated are spider veins and broken capillaries. Light energy destroys the pigment to remove the blemish from the skin.